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Siberian Husky Training

Let me start off by saying my experience with training has been a spotted one at best and I am no expert. Like many, I struggled to find the right motivators for my Husky, and have been outsmarted more times than I care to admit. What I have learned is that Huskies are very intelligent creatures and need to be worked with as such. Hopefully some of my experiences and solutions will help give you ideas. I'm not a professional and the following is advice, it's just what I've tried and learned. Using these ideas are at your own risk.

Come, the most important command to master.

If you can get your Siberian Husky to come when you call him or her, every time, you have much more control over their behavior. Lets face it, you can't go to your Husky if they don't want you to. They're just too fast moving and thinking. Make this a priority no matter how long you've had your Husky and always re-enforce it.

If your dog hasn't learned this a good first step is getting them to go to spots and stay there awaiting further instruction. You can use treats for this type of training. Say the name for the spot and get them there, then reward. Once they do this, without having to be forced to, make them wait there longer and longer for their reward. I use "Go to your spot" when taking my Husky for a walk. It's a seated position next to the door. I don't get the leash until she is there and calm.

Huskies need a lot of play time.

They will slow down eventually, but if you got a Siberian Husky and didn't think they needed that much excercise, you were probably mistaken. There is no substitute for draining a Husky's energy and if you aren't doing that, you need to find a way to. Training won't be very successful if your Husky is bored.

Training your Siberian Husky is a matter of persistence. There are many bombshells to avoid. My husky would turn anything into a game if you let her. I use this to fill time in between walks and let her expend energy, and sometimes I can even make it educational as well as fun.

Run Ball - A way to tire them out.

Siberian Huskies strong prey instinct makes them apt to chase things. I keep a number of balls of various types in my back yard. Soccer balls, volly balls, oversized tennis balls. Run Ball is a reward for my Husky. She just loves it. If she's been good for the day, we'll go out back and gather up the balls to the center of my yard. I play with her while I'm gathering them to keep her attention so she'll follow me. From the center of the yard, I throw or kick a ball in one direction. As she chases, I prepare the next ball for the other direction, readying to throw it or kick it as she gets close to me. We repeat this back and forth till I'm out of balls. Then we'll gather them up and do it again. And again. Until she's bored. If you're having trouble with pulling, a solid game of run ball prior to a walk will help reduce her energy for the walk. Wait until your Husky lies down from the run ball game and then take her for the walk.

Emergency Response

Huskies will do some stupid things because they're smart. Counter surfing hot stoves, for example. When you catch them, did you ever notice how your reaction stops them cold? That's because your fear that they'll get hurt is influencing the power of your response. You are communicating very clearly at that point. If you can find that voice, replace the fear with real authority, your Husky will listen.

Rewarding Negative Behavior

Siberian Huskies can be devious. If you command them to stop and then they do, and then you reward them in some way, they may figure out that they can get you to tell them to stop doing something to get rewarded. If you notice this happening, demand the behavior but don't reward the next few times, or change the reward to just verbal praise. You can go back to a treat or more affectionate reward once or twice, then switch back to verbal praise.

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