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Welcome to Owned By a Husky

As a Husky Owner, I constantly found myself looking for different information about the breed, whether it was related to training, local rescue information, photos of other beautiful dogs or other husky specific information. That's when I decided, why not bring all those resources into one place?

To be sure, there are other sites that attempt to do the same thing and some do this reasonably well, but they all seemed to have been created long ago, with some of their information either out of date or gone completely. They also didn't take advantage of some of the new features of today's web.

Initially, I'll be bringing together resources for the Wilderness area of the site, but hopefully soon some other community related activities can take place here, such as discussion forums, classifieds, photo and video sharing as well as tools for rescues and clubs to organize their efforts and share what they have to offer.

That is, if all of this is OK with my owner, Kiera, a wonderful 3 year old Siberian Husky who has my best interest at heart.


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